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January 28, 2016


The rapid release of compressed methane gas can be enough to launch an object into orbit

Tropics hair

January 12, 2016


The tropics are prone to sudden showers…plus the humidity is murder on hair…

IF – Stuffed

October 21, 2015


In keeping with the season, I decided to put brush pen to paper, start drawing and see if I can do something with a pumpkin head – which apparently leads to a straw-stuffed scarecrow that would work for Illustration Friday this week. Not at all unhappy with the result. I guess I should skip the under-drawing more often…

IF – Nature

July 29, 2015


this might be pushing the theme a bit, but whenever I’m in nature I always get gnats in my wine. I hate that…

IF – Treasure

July 23, 2015


Was able to put together something fun for Illustration Friday. More experimenting with a slightly altered technique. Kinda diggin’ this direction.

Chicken Grimace

April 30, 2015


I have no idea why I came up with this, but I’m liking it. It ended up being an excuse to test different pens on a larger sized piece and to play with filters on the iPhone’s photo app. I’m liking the filters and the way they give a printed feel to things.

IF – Peace

August 7, 2014

I come in peace

Continuing – finally – the theme of Sparky and the zombie aliens, I also thought I’d try another Illustration Friday theme. So, here we have Sparky skull cracking an alien zombie under the guise of peace. Pretty much it was just another excuse to draw him with a bat, but it works for me. Anybody ever see the old movie “I come in peace”? Well this is nothing like that, but I envision it ends the same, with the main character saying “You go in pieces”. Any Dolph Lundgren fans in the room?… no?…

Sparky/Alien 2

November 10, 2013

I decided to try another one, this time on white paper (the last one was on tan paper). I think overall I like using the tinted paper, then picking highlights out. It gives it a certain character that I like…sorta like an old comic on yellowed newsprint. But, aside from that, I think this came out pretty well. I’m still playing around with filters and find that I keep gravitating back to posterization. I think it’s for the same reason, where it looks something like old printed comic books, and it add in some texture that I find interesting.


new beginning in color

November 6, 2013

I decided that I should do a test color of this to get back in the groove of finishing one. I need to work on a few things, but I’m pretty happy with this. Now I’m really looking forward to messing around with this idea. I need to test doing this as a watercolor too, I’m thinking… so many options…


A new beginning

November 5, 2013

I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything here for such an unbelievably long time. The upside is that I have actually been working on things here and there. I started a short-ish comic about a space traveling chicken that finds zombie aliens on a strange planet. I’ll get some of that posted soon. But while I’m working on finishing that, I had an idea that maybe I should resurrect my ‘Sparky’ character and add him into this story somehow. So, as I pondered that last night, I came up with this:


really looking forward to exploring where this might go…