sweater – illustration friday

I give you ‘the barnyard sweater gang’.

So, since I’ve been stuck on funny looking chicks, I figured why not also dress them in poorly fitting sweaters and throw in some of the tall ones I’ve been sketching.

It’s interesting that just by the direction they’re pointing (two going one direction and one the other) there’s some tension or emotion implied. I added just a hint of eye direction to the one on the left that seems to enhance this idea.

These chickens probably need to be translated to t-shirt designs in cafe express…

17 Responses to “sweater – illustration friday”

  1. rose Says:

    Wow, awesome! I love the shady looks they’re giving. 🙂

  2. Little Pixy Boots Says:

    I like the chickens and the emotion implied. Very stylish.

  3. Rabbit Town Says:

    They look awesome! So cute and huggable!

  4. tamaracampeau Says:

    lol very funny , nice style!!

    • timjohnillustration Says:

      it’s a simple style, I guess, but one that seems to have a great deal more depth than I originally gave it credit for.

  5. theartofpuro Says:

    Great illo!Love the style and characters:)

    • timjohnillustration Says:

      thank you! I’m thinking I should have my daughter write me a story to go along with this, then illustrate the whole thing.

  6. Julie Olson Says:

    totally. 3 chicks on t-shirts dressed all sorts of different ways…a t-shirt for each season.

  7. elenacaravela Says:

    so true, great work

  8. Axel Zapata Says:

    I like the way he painted and the dithering of the shadows.

  9. Breadwig Says:

    Man, this rocks. Really like the line quality.

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