chicken girl – illustration friday

This is my actual entry for the Illustration Friday theme of ‘Chicken’. I didn’t have an idea of where to go with this, until I caught the name of the person who suggested this subject – chickengirl.

I figured how much more perfect could you get than chicken girl. So, I wanted to see if I could do it comic book style, but with a silly outfit.

The whole outfit isn’t as silly as I was planning, but the helmet is pretty silly and the egg-gun seemed silly as well. So, overall, I’m pretty happy with it.

Hopefully the actual chickengirl will find it amusing if she ever happens to see this.

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8 Responses to “chicken girl – illustration friday”

  1. bryan b Says:

    Oh man, that repeating egg gun is the bomb.

  2. HerbstKind Says:

    Great machine for scrambled eggs!
    Very cool!

  3. magyarix Says:

    Great idea! Maybe the Hollywood blockbuster of the future. The first time I see a real egg gun. Can you tell us about it’s 3 sensors (2 of them probably infrared.) Thanks for the post!

    • timjohnillustration Says:

      haaa. well, let’s see if I can make something up about them… the top is, of course infrared, for targeting heat sources. the second is just your average laser sight, since it’s typically shot from the hip. The third is the ‘chicken sensor’, preventing the user from accidentally targeting one of their own kind.

  4. josh pincus is crying Says:

    this is AWESOME! I especially like the eggalator!

  5. Tammy Says:

    Love the egg shooter!

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