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caged canary – Illustration Friday

August 10, 2010

So, two birds with one stone here… yeah, pun intended… Illustration Friday theme of caged and another bird entry into the fray.

I did this one all with a couple felt-tip pens, then ran it through a couple filters.

I intentionally kept the bird shading and details simplistic to see how it might look with a slightly tighter overall illustration (as compared to the previous bird). It’s not too bad, and I like the controlled sloppiness of the color/background.

I’ll have to see how much I can push this direction.

fowl warble

August 6, 2010

Okay, so my friend Bryan has been laying the bird challenge out there for a few weeks now. And I finally decided I could no longer contain my desire to draw silly birds.

So, I give you my first entry into the fray.

With a little luck, we can keep this silliness going for a little while and have some fun trying to come up with new, spontaneous, aviary goodness.