Cocoon – Illustration Friday

I finally had the time to try another Illustration Friday theme. This time it’s ‘Cocoon’.

Since I’ve been struggling to finish a comic book style illustration for a friend (started to mess up the inking and got a little gun-shy), I figured I should try to do some Illustration Friday stuff in that style so I could practice and work out my inking nerves.

So, here was the net result of my first idea. There’s a lot of problems with it, but overall I’m kinda happy with the inking and definitely think it’s helping me get back into the swing of things so I can finish the other one.

7 Responses to “Cocoon – Illustration Friday”

  1. alex fine Says:

    Awesome line work and handling of the word.

    • timjohnillustration Says:

      hey, thanks! After looking at your work, it means a lot that you would have good things to say about mine

  2. lauh-ren Says:

    wow, unique interpretation! very great graphic style!

  3. khwhitaker Says:

    cool, very nice linework

  4. White Wolf Studio Says:

    Really nice inking for a practice piece. The contrast is stunning and a great interpretation of this week’s word.

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