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Illustration Friday: Propagate a-la-sparky

February 23, 2010

I really had a hard time putting my thoughts on paper for this, so I decided I’d try a pattern and play with the layering in photoshop. I kinda hacked parts of it, but overall I came close to an effect I had in mind. Not really a block print effect, but almost like a litho over a block print of color.

So, something to play around with more in the future.

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Adrift – Illustration Friday

February 17, 2010

I thought I’d try something a bit different this time around, so I goofed around with simulating watercolor in Photoshop Elements.

I don’t really like a lot of it, but there are some things here and there that I think are nice, and I do like the overall effect with the transparent layers.

I should probably do a real watercolor as a base and scan a texture I like, but I guess this is a start.

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muddy redux – illustration friday

February 7, 2010

Welp, I decided that the cleavage joke was done (that didn’t take long did it). And I decided that I needed to do something slapstick-y, so I give you mud-in-the-face Sparky.

Originally I had intended to include the person who threw the mud, but after I sketched it in, it just seemed too contrived and obvious. So, I just kept Sparky and tried to give the impression that the mud was moving at speed.

This should probably be done as a three panel comic, but this is what I had in my head, so I figured I’d get it drawn. If I have time, maybe I’ll go back and flesh out the set up to this… maybe.

muddy: Illustration Friday

February 6, 2010

The next Illustration Friday theme is muddy, so I decided to see if I could do the same joke as I did with focused, using a mud theme.

I decided to only color the parts that were in focus, unlike last time where I just made the rest grayscale. I can’t decide which I like better, but I guess the lack of rendering makes the rest seem less important, which is sorta the point.

Let’s see how many themes I can use the same joke for…

update: added the bathing suit. When I looked at this today, I realized I was way over-emphasizing the joke and showing too much skin, so I toned it down, which hopefully keeps the joke in place without making it look like soft-core.

updated vehicles

February 5, 2010

Here’s a larger, relatively finished chunk of that chart illustration that I was doing the vehicles for. I’m waiting on feedback from the client, but I’m pretty happy with the way it’s looking. ‘Course, the client may totally think I’m off base, so we’ll see, but either way I like what I came up with.

Illustration Friday

February 5, 2010

focusedWell, drawergeeks has gone on indefinite hiatus… So, I decided now would be a perfect opportunity to try Illustration Friday. If you’re not familiar, it’s another site that picks a random topic for illustration, but in this case it’s totally open to the public to submit, so you can literally see dozens of interpretations of the same theme.

This week was ‘focused’. I just barely made the deadline since they pick a new topic every Friday, but I figured I should go ahead and submit and hopefully get myself motivated to do more.

You can browse their whole archive, including this topic here.

Don’t ask me why this is what came to mind when I read the theme. Guys are pigs and it seemed funny to me to emphasize one of the most obvious failings associated with being a pig. Originally I had the cross-hairs red, which struck me as looking too much like a gun sight. So, I went with green and a few concentric circles. It seems less gun-like, but it’s not entirely what I had envisioned.

Still, I think the point is fairly obvious, so I’ll call it something of a success. I’m also pretty happy with the ink work and coloring, so perhaps this is something to build on for future submissions.