Frankly, it’s disturbing…

Today’s Drawergeeks is Frankenstein. ‘Tis the season and all that. For whatever reason, I was having trouble nailing down an idea. Probably should have tapped my zombie-loving friends…you know who you are…

But, then I found a tribute done for my buddy Breadwig by Jeremy Vanhoozer.

Suddenly, I had an idea… rip off his characters in my own style. Cool, huh?

So, I give you Sparky Frank and Stein:


For a change I’m pretty happy with the end result. And I’m really happy with the way the background came together from my initial chicken scratchings (filters are my friend).

My wife thinks Stein looks awfully mean… perhaps, but how could a reanimated pig not be grouchy? I mean he’ll never have the joy of becoming bacon… right? Well, not good tasting bacon anyway… reanimated pig has to taste funny when cooked…

2 Responses to “Frankly, it’s disturbing…”

  1. Tam Says:

    I really like the background too! Very nice… Stein does look rather surly. Cranky-Stein.

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