it’s like poison, it is

poison_ivyNext drawergeeks is Poison Ivy (the classic Batman villain). I wasn’t sure where to go with this one. The obvious one is sorta pin-up-y, since they go to great lengths to make her alluring and sexual as a character.

So, not one to buck tradition, I decided to kinda go that way too. I also thought it would be cool to do this in a minimalist line style. However, as you can see, once I got rolling I was getting into the line work, so I’m going with more of a traditional comic book style.

I have, what I consider, a cool idea for the background on this. So, I’m going to try to tone down the line work a little in the finished piece so it can integrate with my idea for the surroundings. At least that’s my plan for today… come Thursday, I might bust out a new plan as my time to completion shrinks drastically…

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