spiderman pain

Next drawergeeks is Spiderman, which should be up later today.

This should have been an easy one (last time it was), but I guess my drawing skills are in a slump still, so I really struggled to get something I liked.

Here’s the full inked version that I decided wasn’t good – the legs look messed up and I still don’t like the left hand…


So, since I spent a bunch of time getting to this point (5 sketches and a lot of erasing for the hand and legs) and since I did ink the whole thing, I decided to see if I could salvage it…



I actually kinda liked this approach, since not only does it crop out the stuff I didn’t like, it also feels like a panel from a comic book page.

Cheating?.. probably, but it seemed like a big waste of time to not submit after spending hours working on it…

4 Responses to “spiderman pain”

  1. Bryan B. Says:

    I cheat like this all the time. Works great for photography too. Nice job.

    • timjohnillustration Says:

      well, perhaps “cheating” is stating it a bit strongly… just hate to feel things are unresolved…

  2. Tammy Says:

    I think you could’ve gotten away with posting in its entirety. The whole picture is great. I imagine your eye goes to your perceived issues because you drew it but fresh eyes wouldn’t be so critical. Had you not said anything about them – I never would’ve considered giving them a second look. And having given them a second look, I’m still not finding any issues. Love it. 🙂

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