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the final ivy

August 28, 2009

ivy_colorWell, I didn’t really get the background working how I envisioned. My narrowing window of time to finish it caused me to compromise a bit. Though, that’s probably just as well since I was sorta trying something new with the collage approach and it’s not likely I would have nailed it the first time anyway. I guess it’s better to do some testing and start learning a little about it.

Nonetheless, I’m actually pretty happy with the way this came out. The full size final will be up on drawergeeks later today.

Couple issues with the body proportions, but not too bad, and I’m pretty happy with the overall inking and the way the figure integrates with the background.

Still an experiment, but one I’m rather pleased with, at this point.

it’s like poison, it is

August 26, 2009

poison_ivyNext drawergeeks is Poison Ivy (the classic Batman villain). I wasn’t sure where to go with this one. The obvious one is sorta pin-up-y, since they go to great lengths to make her alluring and sexual as a character.

So, not one to buck tradition, I decided to kinda go that way too. I also thought it would be cool to do this in a minimalist line style. However, as you can see, once I got rolling I was getting into the line work, so I’m going with more of a traditional comic book style.

I have, what I consider, a cool idea for the background on this. So, I’m going to try to tone down the line work a little in the finished piece so it can integrate with my idea for the surroundings. At least that’s my plan for today… come Thursday, I might bust out a new plan as my time to completion shrinks drastically…

spiderman pain

August 14, 2009

Next drawergeeks is Spiderman, which should be up later today.

This should have been an easy one (last time it was), but I guess my drawing skills are in a slump still, so I really struggled to get something I liked.

Here’s the full inked version that I decided wasn’t good – the legs look messed up and I still don’t like the left hand…


So, since I spent a bunch of time getting to this point (5 sketches and a lot of erasing for the hand and legs) and since I did ink the whole thing, I decided to see if I could salvage it…



I actually kinda liked this approach, since not only does it crop out the stuff I didn’t like, it also feels like a panel from a comic book page.

Cheating?.. probably, but it seemed like a big waste of time to not submit after spending hours working on it…