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new monkey business

July 23, 2009


Next Drawergeeks is “monkey”. I have a couple ideas, but I’m liking this one a lot.

Interestingly, to me anyway, I did this one with no under-drawing – that is, no starting sketch.

I just took a medium pen and started at it.

I think there’s some refinement that could happen, but I’m also liking the spontaneity of the shapes. I experimented with this a while back, but haven’t really done much for a long time. So this was something of a welcome change… sometimes it’s easier to just scribble than it is to sketch… or maybe I’m just too uptight.

I’m not sure if I’ll clean it up or just color this one to see what I get…

Betty and Veronica update

July 10, 2009


Well, I didn’t quite get if finished, but I did get the lineart done, so I went ahead and submitted it for drawergeeks. Should be up later today.

BANDV_fI did, at least, start the color work though. Kinda like it, kinda don’t, but I think I should go ahead and finish it and see what I think when I’m done.

This was an interesting one for me, since I haven’t done much of my old comic book style stuff for a very long time. Plus I was trying to give it a little Archie style, so that was harder for me than I anticipated.

I’m not sure my hybrid is all that great, but it was an interesting challenge for me.

Betty and Veronica… my way

July 8, 2009

The next drawer geeks assignment is Betty and Veronica (of the Archie comics).

I suppose there are a lot of ways to go with this one, but as drawergeeks is a PG kinda place, probably best to keep it tame-ish.


But actually, the only idea that even came to my mind was of them being angel/devil kinda comparison. I always saw them as the voice of goodness, voice of mischief to Archie – the stereotypical angel/devil on his shoulder.

b_angelSo, that’s what I’m going with.

I was having trouble drawing them behind Archie, so I separated them out and I’ll put them back after I scan the final lineart. With any luck I’ll get this done by Thursday evening.