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charicature goodness… or not

May 29, 2009


To compensate for my ridiculous slacking on the Sparky front, I agreed to do a commissioned charicature of somebody for my old boss (going away present for the guy being depicted).

I don’t know that it really looks like him (it kinda does), but I think it came out pretty good nonetheless.

I haven’t done one of these in a while so it was fun to see if I could get it together.

I have to admit, I had trouble getting started, since I don’t do these very often, but after I had a sketch that I thought was going in the right direction, things started coming together pretty nicely… which only took about 5 sketches total. I did have to re-do the entire head as a separate sketch, since I just couldn’t get the first version working. Somehow I got it working better when I just drew another head on a separate page… go figure.


May 8, 2009

space_girlI managed to slap together a drawergeeks last night (Space Girl was the assignment).

You can see it later today on drawergeeks.

I thought I’d try something new for this one. I hooked up my little wacom tablet to my laptop and was using the oils in Corel Painter Essentials.

Not exactly a quality piece of software, and the security  junk on my laptop makes it kinda drag when you paint, but it was interesting to see what I could come up with.

Overall, I liked the feel of this one. I definitely need to experiment some more with this sort of thing.

new stink…

May 7, 2009

houseostinkSo, I’m finding out just how much I can manage to do between a bi-weekly drawergeeks, yard work and a weekly strip…

Basically, I can only do about one at a time, hence the absence of a Sparky for a couple weeks.

I have, however, been working on a new one. Also trying to come up with a new direction has been a challenge given my limited time… but this one does open up all kinds of potty humor possibilities.

I figure, if you can’t think up any good new jokes, go with the classics, right?…