troll out


I never really came up with an idea I thought was good, but I did like this sketch, so I decided to just color it and be done.

Came out kinda hobbit-y, which I think is kinda cool.

It also looks a lot like a little side character I did for a 3d illustration made of sculpy in college… coincidence?

You can see the whole thing later today on drawergeeks, under Troll.

6 Responses to “troll out”

  1. Tammy Says:

    Diggin’ the earrings. That’s one cool troll.

    • timjohnillustration Says:

      yeah, I dunno what’s up with the earrings, but I seem to put them on all ears I draw like this…

      which is more than you might think…

  2. todd zalewski Says:

    Hey Tim,
    Very well done. I like how his skin seems to “glow”, gives it a nice eerie, sinister effect. Good job!

    • timjohnillustration Says:

      Thanks Todd! I should probably go back and work a little harder to make the color palette richer (it seems kinda monochromatic to me). Though, this is really just a colorized sketch, so maybe what I ought to do is an actual finished piece from this…

  3. Troll (@TrollWannabe) Says:

    I like this troll. Would you mind if I use it as my twitter avatar?

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