ninja goodness…maybe


funny cartoon guy sparky buckweasel 03/15/09

So, I’m keeping the ninja thing going. I like this one, but I don’t think a strip works well with two panels, basically the same size, so I definitely need to avoid that in the future. 

I guess I already knew this, but until you see it, you don’t truly grasp what a mistake it really is

oh well…

3 Responses to “ninja goodness…maybe”

  1. bryan b. Says:

    Sweet ninja inking! Doug TenNapel would be proud. Now spit the ink out of your mouth.

  2. Andrea Says:

    Geez Tim.
    Your drawing skills and imagination still amaze me!
    Do you do these all computer or still on paper first?
    I’m just jealous, I mean curious!

    Tell Paula I said hi!

    • timjohnillustration Says:

      I do them by hand still. If I had a tablet computer I might give it a shot as all digital, but I don’t have enough control with my little wacom tablet to ever do them that way.

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