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Gone to the dogs

February 2, 2009

We celebrated my daughter’s birthday over the weekend and the theme was dogs (yes, you have to have a theme if your child is under 10, it would seem).

So, I got to scribbling and came up with these funny little dogs to put on toothpicks and stick on the cupcakes.

¬†They came out funny enough that I figured other people should get to play with them, so here’s a link to a .jpg of the full sheet of six, set up so that you can cut them out and fold them at the feet to make little two-sided figures.

Have fun!… and as you’d expect, these are offered royalty-free for your own amusement. If you plan on selling these to somebody, I’d advise against it, since they’re copyrighted to me and only I get to make money off them.