finally, a revised wonder woman…

Okay, so this means almost nothing to anybody but me…

Drawergeeks did a Wonder Woman assignment back in ’06 (geez, ’06?). And I never really liked mine much. Scroll down to the middle of the page here and you can see what I did back then.

I always thought this didn’t come out all that great for a number of reasons, among them, the fact that her hair looks like it weighs 30 pounds or something…

tj_wwSo, a friend I work with uses a Wonder Woman image as her IM avatar and I figured that would be a good excuse to do a revised one.

I’m not sure that this one is much improvement, but at least the hair feels lighter.  I do kinda like the sword as well. My original was meant to show the seconds before/after she deflects a bullet with the bracelet… but it pretty much just looks like she’s doing a single bicep body builder pose, so I kinda missed the mark.

This new one has a distinct anime feel to me, for some reason… probably because I was sick in bed when I did it and was watching DVD’s of Gilgamesh and Bleach episodes…

Anime is cool though, right?…

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