Thinking about trying a weekly(ish) strip…


Well, I’ve got that bug in my head again that tells me it would be cool to try a weekly comic strip…sure why not.

‘Course, this idea hits me about once a year and I typically never get it going, but what they hey, hope springs eternal, right?

So, here we go again. If nothing else it’s a good excuse to draw and practice technique and such. At worst I just never keep it  up and resign myself to abject failure in this area. At best, I actually make some improvement and move on to bigger and better things.

The name is a tricksy issue tho… I originally was gonna use Richard Cabeza… cause that’s just funny. Turns out it’s also not particularly original and is the name of a singer, among other things… So, I’m going to start with my fallback name of  ‘Sparky Buckweasel’. I can always change it later if I come up with a funny play on words… and since it just for my own entertainment, who really cares anyway, right?

If you have a funny name idea, by all means let me know. It’d be swell if the strip had a really hilarious name to make up for the lack of clever jokes or rudimentary drawing skill…

3 Responses to “Thinking about trying a weekly(ish) strip…”

  1. girlscouttroop477 Says:

    ( Thats what you were doing….) Great Idea. Shmucky buckweasel?

  2. Breadwig Says:

    Love it! I will be an avid, voracious, crazed even, reader. How about Bucky Schmuckweasel?

  3. timjohnillustration Says:

    buckweasel… schmuckweasel…

    both funny…

    perhaps either could find their way into common colloquialisms if I used them…

    “you are such a buckweasel.”

    “that Tim guy is a real schmuckweasel, I tell ya what…”


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